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QED doesn't really do the job of eliminating 'God' as the prime mover though, as it may be argued that God (or the Word) made it possible for something to come from no-thing, and without Whom/Which QED (and all associated maths) simply would not be. It remains a matter of faith; and science, quantum or otherwise, will never have last word on the question why there is something rather than nothing.

No, it is not a matter of faith. To the contrary, QED plus recent measurements of the quantum background radiation provide a mechanism for the formation of our universe which is both consistent with what we observe, as well as consistent with the various physical laws by which our universe runs.

The religious counter-claim simply adds on an unnessisary (and statistically unlikely) addition to this natural process.

The exact details are far too long to write out here. I'd recommend the video "A Universe From Nothing" by Lawrence Krauss (youtube has it) as a good layman's primer.