I too believe evolution "might" be viable and may be validated, but surely the Pope's accession is guided by the Church's original capitulation to the big bang, suggesting a beginning iniated by God. If space is our source of energy it changes what can be said about Einstein's general theory of relativity and places the bang in jeopardy. Then what?

Religion has already "discovered" the reason for existing, and by faith accept is as a God of spiritual nature. When science "rediscovers" space as the source of existence solely as an "essence" of "something", an ultimate finding, it will be forced to consider the spiritual. It will be at a crossroads of belief; is that essence of something spiritual or physical? There can only be one conclusion and it becomes a confluence of religion and science. This should partially allay your concerns about absolutes.

I have absolutely no confusion about the realities of science and religion.

Just your last sentence might need modification.

Thanks for your very lucid comments.

PS. Spin is a characteristic feature of a particle intrinsic to the mechanism behind its emergence. It is sustained by the manner in which it interacts with itself (space) as an accretion of space, and the exchange of energy taking place to sustain its motion, both linearly and at restmass. In the end it is the true reality of motion that will put paid to the fianl understanding of particle theory, clearing up the myriad accumulation of paradox and uncertrainty riddled throughout physics.

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