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Now you are contradicting what you just said. Are you having a problem making up your mind?

It's not a contradiction. A mental image is not necessarily graphical like a painting. For example a manager may have an image of the structure of an organization, but it doesn't appear in his mind as a tree diagram or views of offices. It's just abstract. It may include different concepts which can't be represented graphically but are still connected in the structure in his mind.

Are you not forgetting something? I don't call it "nature". I call it GOD. I think of GOD as Over-all non-material Being that includes matter and nature but is in no way confined to them.

Yes I have trouble understanding that. What else can there be besides nature? I assume we accept that man-made things count as natural in this context.


Will it, like agape/love be and do good for all concerned, including me? If so, it is GOD-like. If not, it is something I will do my best to avoid as the evil, or sin (deliberate evil), it is.

OK, sure. But how is that connected with GOD? I see two distinct ideas - GOD and GOD-like. If you never had the GOD, would GOD-like still be just as satisfactory?

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