Iehe, apropos to your comments about the mechanical nature of the emotional system: Did you notice the add just below todays posts? It is about reclaiming the brain.
Obviously the spirit of Wilhelm Wundt is still with us. I agree that there is a lot to be said for the value of behaviourism...if it includes spirituality. How do you feel about this?

Also, I want to go back to what you wrote in your first post, Wed Oct 01 2008. from New Mexico
I believe spirituality is when people have personal belief systems both moral/ethical and with respect to the nature of reality and their environment and the good sense and culture to treasure them as personal beliefs.

On the other hand religion is the desire to control people by manipulating their spirituality.

The garden of eden is a perfect image of manipulation and control through the principle of first, withholding knowledge, second, invoking fear and manufacturing guilt from meaningless associations. Thereby third, punishment is accepted and control relinquished.
I think I said that I agree with your critique of religion. Now, in my opinion, here is the challenge we face: Is it possible for us to have a non dogma-based religion that is compatible with a rational kind of spirituality?
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