Rev says, "Tim, let us dialogue, not just debate, about this. I understand that you are a Christian. What are your thoughts about the nature of judgement?"

Just for clarification, I would say that religiously, I do not know what I am. I am very tolerant. I beleive somewhat in relativism. I beleive people should do what is best, and that is based on two major principles: what they think and what people around them thinks. If there is a God, he would not have one specific thing that he would require every person to fulfill. A woman living in Africa is different than a Generation Me teen in southern California.

Even the concept of judgment seems to contradict itself. Or at least in our courts it does. We tell people not to judge others yet the Christian viewpoint is oftentimes, "Your'e bad because you drink," or something.

My philosophy is: MAKE THE WORLD A BETTER PLACE. That is something universal. Romans living two-thousand years ago could have helped fulfill this, Chinese traders during the medeival period could have done this, the French could have done this. And they did. And they still are. And it needs to still be done.

I do not have an answer for who this 'judge' is.