Guilt is the attachment to dogma. Social standards based on being separate from God, or the experience of not being united with God.
"I and my Father are one" was not an iconic statement made by Jesus from a belief but from the actual experience of communion with omnipresence and omniscience.
If you were to feel guilty about something and then later were to discover that something was perfectly played out so that you could better understand the nature of yourself and reality you wouldn't feel guilty.

There's a book written by Neale Walsh called
The Little Soul and the Sun. It describes the pre-incarnation experience of two angels who are going to earth to experience what feels like to be violated by someone. One is to be a thief and the other a victim to the thief. In their conversation they agree to remember each other and to not take it personally.
The premise of the story is that in order to know light one must experience darkness, and the idea that Earthlife is the experience of creation, and perceptions of creation, based on levels of understanding. Full understanding comes with objectivity and people who suffer with conscious guilt are those who live in the hell of ignorance which is the ignorance of the omnipresent, omniscient mind, or the mind that is fully in contact with the source of all of creation and all of human interaction.
A guilty mind is often at odds with reality and as such acts in desperation, due to the fact that sufficient guidance was not present when one was learning about themselves and their relationship with the world.

Basically we are taught by parents and peers who learn from books that are generally ten years old, and by the current media which is based on sensationalism and dramatizes the success of humanity as wealth in forms of money, sex, position, age, etc.
When someone grows up without a true understanding of reality their system of self measure leaves them struggling for a point of reference that keeps withdrawing and changing before their eyes. Trying to live up to our parents or our peers expectations implies we are guilty before we can be without guilt.
This is the same twisted scenario created by ignorant interpretations of religion where we are born in sin and have to prove ourselves worthy before a God that will,(If we prove ourselves) absolve us from our predetermined inferiority and lack of self worth.
Guilt is a misunderstanding, and those who hold people in contempt have no real compassion, for they do not see God in everyone but those they favor so that their private universe can remain intact.

There is no such thing as someone without a conscience. There are different levels of experience and those who decide how consciousness should be according to their levels of consciousness. But everyone plays a part on Earth and there are no such things as victims unless you do not experience God or yourself in everything.

The Earth is more akin to a giant classroom with every possible course being taught according to the needs of human experience.
A friend once said life is like an arrow, and it first must be drawn back before it can be propelled forward.
This is not a rule but it is also not a false analogy. If we remain victims to creation we always will be separate from it and will fear it. There is a bigger part of ourselves that lives without the clothing of personality and individuality and some are awakening to it quicker than others. Those that are slow to come around are the most dogmatic about their beliefs in their individuality,their accomplishments, and their judgment towards others.