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TT, you ask
Are you an expert on Guru's? Have you met one either self appointed or otherwise? (Setting aside the frivolous application you used toward yourself)
Yes, over the years, several. In 1964, I met the late Maharhisi Mahesh Yogi, the founder of TM. Remember him?
Absolutely, and did you spend enough time with him in regard to his teaching and philosophy to absorb the nature of Maharishi and his teaching? Meaning did you just meet him or did you spend time with him engaged in conversations regarding what he was about and what he taught and how he taught. Were you a student of TM?

In fact did you spend enough time with all of the several Gurus to absorb the essence of the Guru and the Teaching?

Do you consider yourself knowledgeable regarding the way of the Guru?

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I respect Tolle because, like Jesus (John 17:20-24), he does not come on as a master looking for subjects but as another voice in the chorus.

I'm not finding in John any reference to a voice in a chorus...
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