KEEP IN MIND: I respect all forms of beliefs, sincerely held, including atheism.

When Julian Huxley first coined the term 'agnostic' it was nonsense; until he explained what he meant. Now, I have no problem admitting that I am agnostic about a host of things.

I call myself a pro-theist--Here I include the '-' to make myself clearer--because I believe that in all things, including chaos, there is a spiritual power, or consciousness, at work.

Correct me if I am wrong, but I think of an atheist as one who is contra theism--thus con-theism--that is, contra spirituality, of all kinds. I repeat: feel free to correct me.

BTW, I have no objection to being called a pantheist, especially the kind of which Tennyson writes in his poem HIGHER PANTHEISM--
I also like panentheism, and unitheism--both indicating that there is more to believe in than the localized, personal, out-there-and-separate-from-us, God of theism.

The bottom line for me is: In what way does what I believe help me be an empathetic, moral, ethical, just and loving human being.

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