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Christian? It means anointed by the Spirit of GOD, the spirit of agape-Love. Christ? The One anointed by the Spirit of GOD. Sounds quite generic to me.

Catholic? [From Latin or from Greek. Holos is the Greek for whole] It means universal; that which knows no frontiers--all-embracing, comprehensive, of interest and of use to all people. It, too, sounds very generic, don't you think?

I am sure that no one doubts your etymological prowess, Rev; but I was referring to the fact that a personal God, of the sort which you suggest is not espoused by panentheists, is central to Christian belief.

I am unsure as to where the "Catholic" bit came from, but I have long been aware that the true definition of the term seems sadly distant from any Catholic Church of which I have had experience.

Time's short at the moment, but I'll give your longer post some attention a.s.a.p.
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