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Kallog, if you want to say GOD and Nature--even Common Sense--are all one and the same, go ahead. The French say, Dieu. "A rose by any other name is still a rose."
To the above I add: I am sure I do not need to remind people who choose to make "mother nature" (MN) their goddess: MN can be a very cruel mother.

Now, the highest GOOD--that is, G0d, the power (from within each of us) to will that which is good (agape-love)--is something else!

Why would any intelligent human being ever put Nature ahead of the highest GOOD--the power from within, which enables us help wolves stop wanting to eat us and become beautiful companions? Yes, GOD does have value!
G~O~D--Now & ForeverIS:Nature, Nurture & PNEUMA-ture, Thanks to Warren Farr&ME AT www.unitheist.org