Rede. The problem remains that even Fredism doesn't actually explain anything. We don't know how it all started except to say that, "Fred did it". And as far as we know Fred has "no kind of influence on our lives" except in our imagination. Sure we may be more comfortable believing Fred "determines the purpose of all else" but it's a bit like passing the buck. Of course I agree that a God hypothesis can be as valid as a no God hypothesis or even Dan Morgan's invisible purple rhinoceros hypothesis.

Regarding another point you make. "A God hypothesis clearly does matter to vast numbers of people because it does, equally clearly, have a very great influence on their lives". Is that statement correct? I suspect the God hypothesis affects individuals less that what you believe. May give them an excuse to stop drinking or such but doesn't alter the type of person they are. They are still the same people, a product of their upbringing and genes. A God hypothesis may provide some meaning to their life personally but probably hardly alters it from any external perspective.