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However, atheists usually walk away from challenging those who write about panentheism/unitheism, because they do not find it so easy to answer the ideas of process theology as expressed by Alfred North Whitehead and expounded by the Rev. Charles Hartshorne--very progressive kinds of theologians.

You probably didn't notice their answers. I've told you why your idea is no more right than any other god or idol. I've shown you self-inconsistencies within you idea that make it not only wrong, but impossible, even conceptually.

Somehow your process of reconsidering religion seems to have come to a halt with this GOD idea. Perhaps because you came to that conclusion yourself you have an emotional attachment which prevents you from moving forward in understanding.

Still no answer to what justice means? No examples? No idea how the behavior of carnivorous animals relates to GOD? No examples of any (conceivable) connection between GOD and people? No explanation of how an undetectable thing (the part of GOD outside the universe) can interact with things in the universe? No idea why a non-thinking, non-conscious, non-humanlike GOD would be have any influence on high-level human decisions? No explanation why it doesn't influence non-believers, despite them being part of it?

Maybe you have an outdated view of conventional Christians. None I've met ever claimed that God was a physical being floating up in the sky. They say things like he's within us all, and he inspires us without directly controlling us. Roughly the same as what you say. Any distinction seems only academic and nitpicky.

Some extremists talk about heaven and hell, but those are typically the street evangelists, not the normal people, in my experience.