"It is precisely this independence of thought that the hierarchy of the various religions are scared of." Ellis.

Ellis think about this statement you just made. Ellis, I hear you say: All religionists are into thought control.

Ask yourself three questions: Is this true? Is it fair? and is it necessary? smile

It would be like me saying: Powerful and clever atheists--and there are a few--are nothing more than soul-less and clever animals with no morality other than their own will to power. They have a plan similar to the powerful and clever religionists. They seek to be the ruling force in society with the power to train their fellow animals to think like them.

I ask myself: Is this true of all atheists? Is it fair to all atheists? And, is it necessary that I start a fight with atheists? laugh

BTW, have you heard of the Harvard Professor of psychology, B.F. Skinner, a guru of behaviourism and an atheist?


He seriously advocated using the education system to brainwash all people to be "good". No doubt, I suspect, as a way of making the world "safe" for the American style of "democracy"--If you get my drift.