My point is this: From the beginning, we were, and still are, in on the whole process--from simplicity to complexity--we call creation. We were, and still are in on the doing of good and evil. There was, and is, no god or devil out there who helps us do it, or who makes us do it.

Theism teaches: In the beginning there was a perfect and supernatural being called God. Then out of nothing, in six days he created everything, including Adam and Eve--the ancestors of all humanity. Nothing is said about there being other planets like earth.

It was on the sixth day God said, "And now we will make human beings; they will be like us and resemble us." Theistic Bible scholars have no answer to the question: To whom is God talking when He says, "we" and "us". Were there other divine beings?

The God of theism had all the power and resources to create and become the ruler of a perfect world populated with perfect and god-like human beings. We could have had a heaven on earth. But God allowed people to be gods or devils. Unfortunately, while he gave them the power to become devils, which many are, he did not give them the power to become gods. According to the Bible story, he later regretted this. The Bible even says "he repented" that is, changed his mind. Then he promised to send one who would save them. Christians call this one, Jesus Christ, the son of God.

So we ended up with many ignorant and morally-weak and sinful human beings who have made the world almost a hell on earth. So here we are!

Atheists say: To this day, there is no evidence that there ever was, or is, such a god, or other divine beings separate and apart from us. The whole story of all the many different kinds of theism rests on people having the faith to believe it. Until all theists all say the same thing and prove that there is a god who exists. In all honesty, we cannot take the God-hypothesis seriously. Some atheists--especially the militant kind--say that all religions are nothing more than illusions. All religionists are neurotics and many a even psychotic. See Sigmund Freud's book, The Future of an Illusion.

Unitheism--some use the word, panentheism--unlike theism, says simply: GOD is!

IMSO, there never was a god who created a Garden of Eden. This story, like the Santa Claus story, is based on myth.

But if we can accept that GOD is all that which is in, through and around that which we call existence, which is like a complex work of art--perhaps in the form of a well illustrated story book (including poetry and music)--a work of art in progress and in the process of becoming and evolving to greater and greater utility and beauty.

Who famously said, "I think, therefore, I am..." I write:

I am, therefore, I'm one with GOD-like power

I have the power to think of anything I choose.

I can choose that I'll be sad,

Or be very, very glad and in the pink;

Or deep down in the blues.

To be, or not to be, is always up to me;

As I learn how to live right NOW.


Collectively speaking, we--that is, all good, honest and true philosophers (of all ages), scientists and artists--are all co-creators in this wonderful and eternal process we call life. (More to on this and the practical value of unitheist thinking).

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