Revlgking wrote:
"Because of this stand, some "Christians", with judgement in their voices, over the years have called me an atheist."
Well I dont.
But I disagree with your implination when you wrote: "Paul does lists sexual "unnatural acts" as sins worthy of death. But he also includes sins like jealousy, malice and gossip, boasting, pride, failing to show pity and kindness for others, and even the failing to keep promises. Politicians, beware!"
Well everyone does those things, and everyone dies. Simple as that, perhaps our society is different than Paul's, or he just went too far. And do you mean the Bible promotes a holy war in the sense of Islamic jihad? Curious how Ive never noticed that.
But anyway, "THIS IS EXACTLY WHAT I HOPE TO DO...I hope to get people to stop thinking of God in the same way that young children think of Santa Claus. I want people to grow up and think as rational grown ups." is wisdom, indeed. So many people are deceived that religion is just faith but no rationality. Well, to me it seems it is not exclusively that. God could be anything or nothing, as I have said. You dont have to beleive in Him or think you do, but surely there is something you beleive exists? Perhaps he is not Jesus of the Bible, or God of the Old Testament, but perhaps the hand of nature, or your TV, or something. Perhaps He could be different to everyone else, or perhaps not. You decide, and as Revlgking said, lets agree to disagree, because that seems the most rational agreement (techinically disagreement, oh no a paradox!).