Ah yes, what do we do now? I believe the answers, are and always have been right in front of us. The emotional system. This system is more mechanical then previously understood. The system also is subject to our center point awareness Tutor refers to as heart. The orientals have understood and documented thoroughly the emotional, cognitive and physical interdependence. By isolating our emotional experience and understanding its funtional duality we can begin, baby steps of course, to changes our internal landsacpe, which moves us toward the heart or spritiual center. Religion has been a false place holder for us in our hopes to find lost connection to something higher or better by looking outside of ourselves. The reality is, it only comes from within and the actual emotional system is an access pont and offers an exciting wormhole of opportunity. The beauty is, each individual's access is through thier very own experience of fear, despair, anger, greed, self-pity, worry, indifference etc. Each of these emotions represents energy temporarily stuck in a negative frequency. We at some point made conscious choices, because of events or influences in our life, to program this energy of the emotional system into the negative reactions we experience. Interestingly, just like a computer the programming stayed in place long after our memory of the event has faded. The fear stays and then attches to many new stimuli. There are several "reboot" techniques being developed which produce a shift which simeoultaneously releives the negative emotional charge and produces a calm neurtal or postive experience. When such a change takes place predictable cognitive, spriritual and physical improvement follows. In alternative medicine we call this healing. Imagine now, if you will, having a negative emoition, like anxiety, flare up and be able to rejoice because you know how to access a higher plane of experneice by transforming it. That is something we can do in the NOW.