Let’s go for another round.

Beliefs are irrelevant to the reality of the ONE.

Surely that depends on the relationship between the “ONE”, whatever that might be, and the being holding the belief. Furthermore, if your idea that belief can be tantamount to knowledge has any veracity, such beliefs might amount to knowledge, which cannot be irrelevant.

The infinite consciousness is not so much fragmented as individuality chooses to see it fragmented, with varying degrees of wholeness based on what is needed to fill the gaps, where the belief in gaps exist.

Apparent fragmentation of the infinite, conscious or otherwise, must always be an illusion. Are you really making an exception for consciousness?

However if one has risen above beliefs to engage the subtle senses, the nature of the universe is fully integrated as ones self, and knowledge will supersede belief.

Your rhetoric fails to disguise the fact that this statement is based on a personal belief system.
If the universe to which you refer is infinite, as it must be, and the “self” is part of that, then integration must be the permanent reality. Any seeming lack of integration will be an illusion.

You believe the human nervous system is finite in its capabilities?

Now, there’s something I didn’t say.

No. when one knows the indefinable there is resonance.

I stand admonished! I should have said you would need to define:
a. what you mean by “God”
b. what you understand as knowledge of God.

such as the experience of the infinite which hasn't the need for belief to exist,

Whilst the infinite, whatever one might understand by that, would have no need of belief in order to exist, that would not explain what you mean when you talk of “experience of the infinite”.

The infinite exists throughout the course of time where beliefs about it come and go and never capture it. So it lives within the belief system as the belief system is a reflection of potential. That reflection however can never capture or define potential.

If “the infinite” and “time” actually co-exist, one could not say that “The infinite exists throughout the course of time”. Infinity and time are entirely different concepts. There can be no time, or any other divisions in infinity, it simply “is”. Time is an integral quality of the illusion we call a finite Universe.

It is belief that pushes one toward opening doors of perception but belief has to be dropped to go thru the door and to perceive.

True as this might be, can you claim it is anything other than a belief?
There never was nothing.