Sam, as a unitheist I welcome any positive additions to this concept, including your additions.

We need a non-doctrinaire kind of theology--one which unifies, without demanding uniformity; one that embraces all humanity and all people of good will.

Sam, you write: "So would it be fair to say that you "define" G0D as "all that is--physically mentally and spiritually."


BTW, instead of using the proper noun, God--which implies that God is a person, a being with gender, size and dimensions--I like using the following acronyms, G (0)zero D, and/or GOD. Both refer to that which is all good, orderly and desirable. I use them to express what I think of as the all-inclusive nature of divine being, which encompasses us and the cosmos. As Being itself, it also interpenetrates every atom of our being.
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