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All feelings are good feelings.

Would you consider that to be something you know, or something you believe?

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The reality is that the infinite is never hidden

It may be true that the infinite never hides itself, but if an individual, consciously or unconsciously, hides infinity, then for that person, it is hidden. If millions of individuals do that, then it is hidden for all of them. This situation could even pertain for the majority of people. I suspect that the B.G. is pointing to something like that, rather than to any intrinsic "hiddenness" in the nature of infinity.

It (the Gita) points to the intrinsic nature of the infinite within everything and the reason everything exists.
In the conversation that ensues between Arjuna and Krishna, Krishna points out that there is only God as he dances and sings "God, God, everywhere is God", while Arjuna stresses over the idea that his friends and family are about to destroy each other.
The conversation reveals the nature of ignorance.
Ignoring that which is, and always will be.
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... if an individual, consciously or unconsciously, hides infinity, then for that person, it is hidden. If millions of individuals do that, then it is hidden for all of them.
Questions about the process of "hiding infinity":

In your opinion, if one decides to consciously "hide infinity", what steps does one take in the act of doing so?

The infinite cannot be hidden. It is all that is, was or will be. Reality is multidimensional. The human consciousness is connected to itself in all alternate realities. Time and space is a concept for linear comprehension but in reality all dimensions exist in the NOW. That in effect, can be experienced. The past can be changed as easily as the present and the future can be created in more than one possible form and function. It is only the narrowing of awareness into the ignoring of the infinite that the mind accepts the limited reality of the ego in separation from all that is.
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Is infinity a suitable phenomenon for scientific research?

suitable? yes, for those wishing to understand the nature of the relative.
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Is infinity the same as space?

No, not in the sense that it is called the infinite or used in the Gita. Space exists because of the infinite One.
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I have an article from a recent issue of the National Post, Canada, which reported that Bertrand Russell said that the amount of available knowledge in the universe is limited. In your opinion, Was he right?

No. Without the experience of having touched the infinite, one ponders finite ideals. Even the thought of infinity, pales in comparison to the reality of the Infinite
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B.G. stands for ...?
Bhagavad Gita
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Maybe 'infinity' has the same degree of absolute definitive accuracy as does 'God'? Can its existence be proved beyond doubt? Or does the answer vary according to the respondent?

God is all—a personal God, a universal God, and that which is beyond. Start from a personal God, go to the God within, then to the universal God, and finally beyond.

To love beloved God in any object is knowledge, yet to understand God in the heart is real Truth. It is a vain attempt to search for God. Who can there be more wonderful than myself—that is the Self of all.

Those who crave to see God are foolish. When I see him smiling through the face of man and child, and highest of all in myself, I am born a million times, and die a million times, too.

No God is greater than thyself. - "From The Essence of Spiritual Life"
By Swami Rama 1925 - 1996

Language is comprehensive to understanding and experience. No definition of God or the infinite can contain either. Language when used by those who experience God or the infinite does not convey the meaning or understanding to one who does not know or experience. However the human nervous system is infinitely flexible, and it is connected to all humanity thru the infinite/God. One either uses that connection or does not. An individual who is not conscious of something but instead idealizes something does not connect with reality but instead the projection within the ideal.
It would be like meeting someone and making an assumption about their language, interests, knowledge and relationship with reality. You can speak all you want to your experience but the other person will not connect with your words until you become familiar with each other and find common ground to communicate.

The infinite accommodates everyone because it is unconditional love. Leaving one with their ideals, just as the Earth left humanity imagining that it was flat. Until the reality was experienced that it was other than flat one did not know their earth.
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And, where has TT suddenly re-emerged from? I had hoped he/she was possibly exploring infinity extensively.

Always... which does not preclude someones presence from revealing itself.

You, however can continue to ignore that which is, if it does not meet your expectations or belief. Such is the nature of choice and free will.
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