I can imagine a wise news editor of a city paper sending the following good wish to his writing staff this, or any year:

"Happy News Year!
Whether the news this year be good, bad, or indifferent, it will be a good one for you, especially if you get your fair share of by-lines published and your stories well read.

"If not, Let's have a positive and constructive chat, in my office, soon. smile THE GOOD NEWS is:

Fear not, I am here to help all of us working at this paper be better communicators. Keep in mind: We are interested in being of service to our total community--and not just at this wonderful time of year."

Would it not be wonderful if all businesses had such wise and good leaders?


Having raised the issue of making a New Year's resolutions, I will now ask:
Generally speaking, does the making of resolutions have any real personal and social value? If not, why not? If yes, in what way?

Either way, let's have a dialogue about the way "The News" is reported but "The authorities", and consumed by us. [More later.]

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