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To: Bill S and TT: How do you feel about the three-way postings presently going on here: For you, is this a dialog? Or a debate?
So far there is not much objectivity due to the need to be so subjective.
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Me? I feel it is a complex of the two.
I prefer having a dialog--the sharing of information and mutual interests without the shame and blame.

I would say that you have a way with sarcasm.

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This means that I take the following as a question:
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But would you seek to measure a man by his qualifications?
Depends on the claims made, or implied, by that person's posts.
Let's narrow the field to the subject of Spirituality and God.
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TT, I assume your profile is a joke. What other hobbies do you have?
I like to fish.
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What questions would you like readers to ask you about?

I would assume that readers would ask me about what I post. Other than that I have no preferences. I may not succumb to another's feelings and subsequent questions that I feel are irrelevant to what I post. And I don't feel a need to bend towards what others feel I am obliged to say or think just because they think it is important for them.
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Me? Check out my profile.

I have and I'm sure it means alot to you, but titles mean nothing to me.
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I make no secret of the facts regarding my profession and the education needed to become a minister.
This is why I included the title Rev.
Over the years, besides being a minister and doing what most people think ministers are ordained to do--preaching, teaching and healing.......

You asked me a question about how I would go about expanding the experience of God. Do you believe, that you as a minister with the title Reverend, are more inclined to be effective in what your studies have led you to believe, or in that which we are speaking of here when it comes to the experience of God?
Does your school of ministry education in which you obtained the title of minister teach you to experience God? (By the way, anyone can become a minister on line, without any previous education.)
Also, in asking me how I would accomplish what I seek. Do you see the task as an action or as a lifetime commitment?
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What does, qualify a man? What is it that is important to you?
I listed my interests above. What are yours?

What qualifies a man is subjective to the ego. Jesus once said to the Pharisees "Is it not written that Ye are God's?" He (Jesus) was often chastised for hanging out with tax collectors and women of ill repute as well as others that were deemed as not worthy of reputation. His compassion for the common man and their illusions of self worth prescribed by those who would issue titles was part of his ministry.

My interests are often more useful to those who carry no title, and are innocent enough to take God out of the box that is prescribed thru the institutions that print titles for those that need them.
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