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Are you seriously expecting definitive answers to these questions? This is the sort of discussion that can go round in circles for generations. Indeed, it has done just that.

No, but if Rev can't provide answers that shows his idea is empty. In the past he's dodged my questions with word games, so I had to give him the benefit of the doubt that he didn't understand what I meant or something.


What is justice? It's a human concept, and may have no meaning beyond that.

Yes, but not according to Rev. Unless I misunderstood him again.


As for God and carnivores, this is a red herring. Carnivores have a place in the economy of nature, and if God was responsible for this, the problem is simply one of anthropomorphism.

Black slavery also has a place in the economy of nature. No actual answer shows that Rev's GOD isn't providing any insight to justice, as Rev claims it is.


No connection between God and people? People are God.

People are only part of GOD. There are other parts which are apparently required.


No explanation why it doesn't influence non-believers? Who says it doesn't influence non-believers? I don't think

Rev implied that by saying that his GOD influences the behavior of believers. Not controls, just quietly provides guidance.


the fact that as long as there are people with ideas and beliefs there will be no conclusion.

Yea, that's why belief is a bad idea in the first place. Ideas are great, but if they're not vulnerable to criticism then they're just empty beliefs.