I relate to everything you say, and expanding on my previous comments may to some extent reveal my theogy. I refrain from discussing theology directly because it invites many of the things you fear of contentious verbiage. So I stick to a purposeful track that guides my intent. I wasn't sure how you might receive my previous response to you and now I decided to take it a step forward. I believe you will find it interesting.

My comments before made a statement about science because it is a target of mine. A personal one to be sure but grounded. There is a long history behind my efforts and I have contacts in the scientific community. I have been attempting to coax their inquiry into physical phenomena to a very different perspectice regarding energy. If one studies energy and the man-made structure imposed on it, it is obvious there isn't any idea what energy is. If there was an absolute frame of reference for energy much of the uncertainty and paradox throughout theory would dissapate. I believe that frame of reference exists and it is very much an essence of something unlike anything engineered by man. Energy is not "particles" or anything above that level, that is all manifested energy. But of what?

Suppose I suggested energy is whatever space is. What does that conjure up in your thoughts? In other words what is responsible for all that we can observe and all that we can't, resides in space. This is very key; it is also an absolute frame of reference for motion. That will put paid to the scientific inquiry of truth. It is there our common meeting ground rears up exposed and it will beg the question; what is behind that? It will be acknowledged that whatever drives many to seek truth in God and those who seek truth in the physical really stand together facing the "same" essence of creation. How can what I'm saying do all that? None of this is by accident, both disciplines of which we discuss are guided by the same thing. Clues abound which keep the scientist's moving toward a particular target. This target all along has been saying if you want to find me in the physical the door is opened wide for you to find me. That's enough for now. Trust me, the support for this is abundant. Hope this helps. Heb 6:18--Mat 13:14

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