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TT, I presume you went through the TM program and initiation and became "enlightened".

That is presumptuous Rev. Care to make another projection from a state of non enlightenment and ignorance of many things? Knowing that you don't know and presuming is a bad habit.
Now might be a good time to break a bad habit. wink
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Tell us, did you not learn that the use a lot of judgmental casuistry and sophism is not helpful to communication? Is the above a demonstration of what did learn? Now I know why The Natural Law Party flunked political science 101 !

I can only say that if that is all you can hear, it's not my fault..
I don't see any reason to say what I know isn't truth. Or to try to find some fault in myself to make me better.

Can't imagine why it would be necessary for you...

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TT, I think that the big difference between you and me is this: I am not enlightened, yet--and perhaps still quite ignorant of many things. However, I know that I don't know. Thank you Socrates! Sad that you were a victim of the know-it-alls.

Then it would stand to reason any judgment made from not knowing is hardly capable of differentiating Truth from reality. Such nobility gained from the illusions of ignorant humility would resist the truth as not only a threat to complacency but also cast judgment upon the truth that would take away the illusions of such nobility within the realm of ignorance.

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BTW, were ever taught by Jesuits? I read that they have the reputation for being casuists.

You really do have a distaste for anyone who might actually know the truth and anyone who won't fit into the mold you've created regarding what someone who might know should look and act like, don't you.
C'est la vie
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