*Random Rant by Tim*

Has it ever occured to you that perhaps there is not The Way, or a single truth or law that would be true for everything. Even time is relevant. It may be true that scientists are searching for a theory for everything, but how could they do that?!

The idea of Freud was of the id, ego, and supergo. One (I think the Id) is the culture's perspective of things, aka what is morally acceptable or the general outline of a society. Another (I think the ego) was what you personally thought about something. And the blending of these represented our superego (unless I've switched the terms, I always forget which) which is what we decide to do based on those two, sometimes conflicting, choices.

In other words, what is true for someone, might not be true for another.

My philosophy on life, and religion, and science, is undoubtedly different from yours. That is because I am not the same person, living half a globe away, in a different generation, or in a different socio-economic class. Some natives in Africa who have never heard of Jesus act different than the Christianized (yet oftentimes secular) Western world.

So I have different opinons than you. And that's okay. The fact that some of you will disagree with my logic proves that we have different opinions.

*End rant, I have to do my "The Great Gatsby" project and I've procrastinated enough*