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Nevertheless, if a law is actually broken, it is no longer a law.

So all you and I have to do to get rid of the laws against against killing and stealing is to go out and break the laws against them?

No. I'm not sure whether you actually do not understand or are just yanking my chain. Actual Laws of Nature (not to be confused with "Natural Law" of moral philosophy) cannot be violated. If they are violated, then they ought never to have been laws to begin with. Laws of Man can, and often ARE, broken. The laws remain - usually - but they are capable of being violated. They are not fundamental constraints of the cosmos.

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Does TFF's statement make sense to anyone? I don't think I will put this to any kind of test, soon. laugh

I'm going to guess that most people on here clearly understand my intent, even if they disagree with it. If I seriously thought otherwise, I'd need to find a different hangout.

I do not advocate violating any human laws, but the fact remains that they CAN be broken, while physical laws cannot, even by those who would choose to do so. We are all prisoners to the 1st and 2nd laws of thermodynamics, to Newton's laws of motion, to relativity and QM.

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