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I speak only for myself when I say: For me, GOD is not A human-like being at all--imagined, fantasized or otherwise. GOD is ALL Being, that which, like ultimate reality, is as real as life itself. GOD is all Being--evolving ad infinitum.

That's self-contradictory. If it's real for you but not others then it's not really real. That's a characteristic of fantasies, or fantasies that people believe in (as opposed to Lord of the Rings). If you said GOD is real, but other people don't recognize it, that would be fine in itself. But it would open you up to all sorts of accusations of arrogance.

philosophy and art, I also leave room for imagination, growth and new ideas.

I've shown a particular place where you have room to improve the idea. That's the distinction between GOD and nature. I'm still looking for a clear difference. I suspect you aren't quite sure of that yourself.