Kallog, you ask: "Can your idea be used by a non-English speaker?"

Interesting question. It depends on what people think of as the the "ground of all being" (Paul Tillich) and highest value.

The Greek for God is Theos. It literally means the highest idea. From it we get 'theory', 'the' and 'theatre'.

Italian .....Deo
Spanish ......Deos
Latin ........Deus
All are related to theos. IMO, the Greek, Latin and English 'idea' (seeing) also connote the idea of god.
Swedish.......Gud and Norwegian...sounds like 'good'.

Hebrew and Arabic words, 'eloh' and 'allah' are rooted in the semitic root 'el' for power. From this we get the logo El AL--to the highest heights.

Chinese ......Shangdi--literally means "above the emperor".
http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Shangdi again this word connotes higher power.

IMO, the Saxon word 'gott' and the English 'good' connote "the highest good" (love, agape--the power to will good). Goodbye comes from Old English: God be with ye (you).

I like to put all three concepts together and we get: GOD is the one, powerful and good idea--an idea that makes sense to me.
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