GØD, I find the following very interesting:
"Conservative estimates indicate that there are 18 basic physical laws in the universe":

Even then, in quantum physics there is talk of the "law of uncertainty"
Quantum Mechanics

* Heisenberg Uncertainty Principle - Uncertainty in position multiplied by uncertainty in momentum is equal to or greater than Dirac's constant divided by 2.

\Delta x \Delta p \ge \frac{\hbar}{2}

Tim, BTW, I hope that if there is, for certain, a person called "God" that He has a sense of humour, eh? smile

In my humble opinion, GØD is in and through our sense of humour.
My humble guess is that that the uncertainty principle (law) is there--right at the heart of philosophy, art and science--to keep arrogant scientists, including psychologists and pneumatologists, humble--that is, loving, flexible, open, respectful with even those with whom we may disagree.

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