Anon, an excellent response.

Because I respect all sincerely held beliefs--and once benefited from the concepts of theism--I think I understand, and I respect, your sentiment. All such feelings are valid. I am serious. No sarcasm intended.

Now, feel free to stop being anonymous. Then let us have a sincere dialogue about such matters--agreeing to disagree, in Christian agape-love.

BTW, without being dogmatic, I consider myself to be born-again. That is, I am at the age where I know I could die; and I am preparing to do so.

I wonder: How many of us have taken the pause to ask ourselves: How do you feel about your own mortality?

POSTERS: How do you feel about your own mortality?
BTW, I have been warned by my doctor, and a specialist: "At your age, you are facing several risk factors such as ..."

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