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Is it possible for us to have a non dogma-based religion that is compatible with a rational kind of spirituality?

Rationale and dogma come from the ego in its different levels of understanding and conscious awareness of reality. Truth exists all around us always. It can't be known through rationale of the ego, only the conscious awareness of a spiritually awakened conscious awareness that has not been tethered by the ego.

Spirituality has never been in its natural state dogmatic or a religion. People choose to be religious and dogmatic.

The question might be asked will people, can people as individuals or as a collective all rise above dogma or religion, to experience spirituality either individually or all at the same time?

I think the answer is going to be relative from the projections of those who aren't awake and more inclined to stem from the reality of truth from those who are awake and without the influence of the ego.
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