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I was shocked to learn that they didn't know what the word "stewardship" meant; just had not seemed to have heard the word before.
That is odd. I happen to have a Greek/English, inter-linear--New Testament, which was published by the JW's in 1942. I can read Greek, slowly. The Greek for 'steward' is OIKONOMON--sounds like our English word, economics.

It literally means 'the manager of house and property. The JW NT does use 'steward' (Luke 16)--from English: keeper (warden) of the animal stys.
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Anon, I am surprised you give give no response to my last post? How much do you know about the JW's?

Haha, the sty warden.

Sorry Rev. ...vacation....
Yes, the origin of the word Stewardship is interesting, but don't know anything more about the JW's.
I recall this also....

The more I think about whether Economics is a science or not, the more I think that what we need is a... Science of Civilization. ...Civinomics?

Economy: Latin, oeconomia = household management: => from the Greek, oikonomia => from oikonomos = a steward (oikos = house + nemein = to manage).

Economic: Latin, oeconimicus = orderly, methodical: => from the Greek, oikonomikos = economical (oikos = house + nomikos = ?).

Ecology: from the Greek (oikos = house + ology = science of).

Thanks for the citation in the JW bible. I'll have some "ammunition" for when they return.....