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You have always misread me.
So you say, TT. And the feeling is mutual.

No I have never misread your being in the Now. You don't know the now. I don't have to know anything about you to know that. All I have to know is the NOW.
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Therefore, I will stop wasting the time of all of us here trying to understand sentences, even paragraphs and posts, which, IMO, are incomprehensible, and I will move on in the NOW. I cannot honestly say that it has been fun. It hasn't!

Of course not. If you are not living in the NOW life is painful.
It would be wonderful if you did move on to the NOW, that is pretty much the problem with all of your misunderstanding and frustration.
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It is "just an experience of what is"--as Tolle would put it. As an old Kenny Rogers song, about playing cards, goes: "You got to know when to hold, know when to fold them ..." It is like knowing when to surrender. TT adds
As you said, you don't know me (TT) ...
All I know is what I read in your posts--with not one item of bio. And, unless ... well, we will leave it at that. On to other things.

You keep getting stuck in identity, it has never been about you and me or me and you. Biographies only point to systems of self measure and comparisons, where you've been how that defines you. You have been obsessed with who or what you or I am, rather than being in the NOW.
It never is about anything but the Now and that has little to do with the ego and what it labels as me and you and what your background is and how you rate according to where you have come from.

Being in the now is simple for an innocent child, but very difficult for the average octogenarian with so many self made ideals and beliefs. What little intuitive innocence that hasn't atrophied is filtered through years if not lifetimes of self measure and habit.

This conversation has been about being in the now. That is why you don't get it, or understand what is being said. You don't know the now/Truth.
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