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... Like me, I think you do your best to avoid unpleasant exchanges, perhaps it is a sign that we are getting on a bit. smile
I agree, of course age does mellow some people. But, IMO, only when we deliberately make the pneumatological choice to be conscious and aware of what it means to be humane, not just human, beings. BTW, is it clear to you what I mean when I use the word pneumatological'? The Nazis were human beings, but were any of them humane ones?

I wonder, how many of us aging human beings out there are just as Scrooge-like as was the fictional Scrooge in the famous novel, Christmas Carol, by Charles Dickens?

BTW, though he was a great writer, an excellent story teller, and the father of ten children he had the dickens of a sad married life. For an interesting account of some of the story of his personal history--some of which could be scuttlebutt--go to Wikipedia, check out Dickens, and follow the links. Here is one of them.

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