My body is not me; I have a body, but it is only a reflection of who I am. IMHO--I always like to use this expression to try to avoid being dogmatic about these difficult concepts--

--God (I'll use your spelling) has a body. As you put it: it is his creation. Even Jesus referred to "bread"(part of nature) as: "This is my body..."
IMO, God ecompasses ALL things, including nature.I always point this out in dialogues I have with atheists when they ask me for evidence of God. I always say: Open your senses, see, hear, take a breath (spirit). The Psalmist puts it: "The heavens declare the glory (the splendid character) of God..." Isn't the earth, and all nature on it, part of the heavens?

BTW, It is perfectly okay to disagree with me, just as long as we treat one another according to 1 Corinthians 13---"Love is kind..."

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