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Let's see if I can do this by having us take a look on the way monotheism (theism is a short form of it) ...Cain and Abel (Cain killed Abel), make clear. Interestingly is made that God ever destroyed Eden or the three of life.

I don't see how that's related to GOD. ??

OK! Non GOD-like things--including things, which on the surface may appear to be good--are those which are motivated by pride or shame. They are things done selfishly and just to get praise, credit and rewards.

OK. So GOD-like is kind of a special case of doing good things.

But you say doing things to get rewards doesn't count. I heard of some psychological theory that says people do good deeds to strangers because it give them a good feeling - that is, doing things for others is really just to give ourselves pleasure. That blurs the line between doing things selfishly and selflessly.

Perhaps one way to see the distinction might be suppose you find somebody with a flat tyre and they're not able to replace it themselves. You stop to help them. But while you're getting ready to fix it, somebody else comes along and also wants to help. You pass the job over to them and leave. In that case you're not personally helping the person who's stuck, so you wouldn't get the satisfaction. But it's GOD-like because the person ends up having their problem solved because of your actions. It's also doubly GOD-like because you're giving somebody else the satisfaction of helping a stranger.

But what if doing it that way makes you feel good about being GOD-like? In that case it's defeated, and you were really acting selfishly.

Anyway, so this is about GOD-like, which I think it a poor choice of word because it doesn't mean being like GOD. It really has no connection with GOD at all. It's two separate concepts. Right?

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