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Hi Rev--- I just dropped by and I see the Philosophy of Religions is still going strong!!!

That's amazing.....

Yes! And please take note: There are now 2,361 responses & 9,861,602 hits, and all despite the cynicism and jealousy of TT.
You do realize you make up over 60% of those 2000 responses you make note of.
Jealousy? Not at all. In eight months, there has only been a signal of acknowledgement from Bill regarding Ellis' return which had nothing to do with the Topic of the thread, and the usual replies I make addressing your narcissism.
I would actually revel in some conversations regarding the philosophy of religions if that was something that could actually take place in this thread without you hijacking it into a repetitive biography and claim to fame and glory.

Cynicism? Possibly. I might agree with that view being that this is mostly a venue you use to advertize yourself and your beliefs, without actually discussing philosophy of religion.
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Ellis, thanks for dropping by. I realize that you are not a fan of organized religion, especially of the dogmatic and fanatic variety; but keep in mind, neither am I.

Also keep in mind:
1. It is a huge subject with so many different denominations that it is impossible to keep track of them.

The philosophy of religion wouldn't necessarily be a tracking system to follow each individual in their beliefs or the history of personal belief, but a discussion regarding its place in and amongst people as they explore their relationship with the Universe. It can be discussed without becoming specific to ones own personal opinion. I realize that would take all the wind out of your sails when discussing anything of interest, because it would mean the topic of discussion would be the philosophy of religion rather than the philosophy of Rev. LGKing... wink
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2. All my life, I have approached the phenomenon which we call religion as a serious student looking for answers.

I approach it:
(a) philosophically--what can we learn form studying it that is interesting and worth knowing?

I have done this and I do that... still gotta be about you.
From your examples, what you believe is worth knowing may have nothing to do with what another has any interest in. That would be self evident in the responses within the discussion groups you advertize yourself on. The replies are similar in content to the ones I make here, in that they address the repetitive comments that have nothing to do with much other than your need for attention. When someone tries to discuss what is interesting to them, you reply with what is interesting to you and then unfold the Rev. LG King historical scroll.
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(b) psychologically--how does it affect our behaviour and emotions?)

The idea that a belief as an entity all its own, with its own power to subdue and direct a person is an interesting psychological idea. One you seem to give power to in that you idolize God as something outside of ones self with the power to move the strings (so to speak) as a puppeteer would move the strings of a marionette to create will power and the good we idealize. Yet it all seems so vague in that you and your study reveals no actual discipline or relationship to anything other than an occasional outburst of "Sounds good to me!"
IF God is not a "who" as you pontificate, how can it be realized, and why is it separate from everything that is not what you call Good or organized? Perhaps you simply idolize God as everything not evil or separate from the idols you make and shine with your praise in belief and personal attachment.
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(c) pneumatologically--how does it encourage us to use our WILLpower and, Spiritually speaking, be morally strong enough to keep the Golden Rule, be of service to self and others, so that empowered by LOVE--St. John's definition of GOD together work on making the world a better and more Loving place in which to live?

See yer putting the cart before the horse. You believe "IT" (religion) which is belief can manufacture will power, rather than will power being relative to the understanding of the nature of ones self and reality.
If one believes the world is flat and uses that as the power to keep his mind focused on staying away from the edge of the earth, then his will is misdirected.

If you want to speak of people given authority within religion and whether they have an impact upon others who are weak minded and feel they have no power, then any idea of power residing outside of ones self as the impetus for gain would be tantamount to comparing an electric device and a battery. Remove the battery and the device stops working. When a belief system becomes the source of ones power or will, a person no longer is a person but rather a device run by a battery or power source. When that battery drives a person in circles, but the battery promises the circle goes somewhere, then will is ignorant and misguided.

Just because a person wears a clerical collar doesn't mean he can determine reality from illusion. blush whistle
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FOR THE THEOLOGY BEHIND ALL THIS, check out the following. It is in a thread that I have in www.wondercafe2.ca
Been there. Seems when no one wants to listen to you there, you troll this site to try and lure them to your self proclamations of greatness on another site, hoping to get a response.
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G~O~D~The Gift of Oneness & Delight. It Generates Organizes & Delivers: The good we Will to have.

If IT is something that can generate what we want. Oneness would be relative to a relationship with something you can experience and realize similar principles in thought and goals. Religion whether something you philosophize as dogmatic or not, as you either present or fail to present claims no method or pathway to direct experience of God as you define it.
Being that you never take the conversation to its potential but rather just seek to advertize yourself, I'd say creating a fancy title to discuss is irrelevant.
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