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"I find atheism an impossible concept to accept"

so what is the paradox, or the 'conflict of facts' which makes atheism an impossible concept?

Rev, why don't you call yourself an agnostic; you do believe all of the same things that an agnostic does...
Thanks for your excellent question, BFP. Happily, I answer: I AM agnostic--about many things. For example, I am agnostic about the furniture of heaven and the temperature of hell. smile

BFP, I am not an atheist for a very simple reason: Most atheists are, like most theists, too doctrinaire. They appear to be saying: I KNOW that there is no god in any way shape or form. OK, I say: If this is your claim, convince me. If you cannot, then feel free to join the rest of us agnostics, who, I feel happen to be in the majority.

Seriously: Most of us are agnostic about most things. If we were truly humble enough we would admit it. Then we could, with the help of the honest use of science, move on to more and more KNOWLEDGE.

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