ABOUT THE QUANTUM EFFECT. How real are the following claims?
Orac, to raise questions and to provoke thought I have selected some quotes from the link you posted: http://syzygyastro.hubpages.com/hub/Entanglement-Missing-Mass-Interference-and-Individuality as follows:

At some point, using this quantum effect, we may well be able to teleport, induce invisibility, and project seeming solid objects through each other. We may also be able to explore regions of the cosmos now out of reach, like the interior of the Sun or inside an event horizon.

There is a reported experiment called the Philadelphia Experiment that can be neither confirmed nor denied as far as the author is concerned. Yet, the implications of the experiment and the descriptions thereof, suggest that some of the foregoing has already been accomplished by the US military in the 1940ís....

The laser of choice is the atom laser, which can be constructed using an atomic Bose-Einstein condensate. When atoms are cooled to near absolute zero, they loose their individuality and become a super fluid....

...Immediate uses are for microscopes that can examine reality on the atomic and molecular level with a clarity that has been impossible up to now. We will be able to "see" quantum processes with such a laser. A direct view of DNA and active chemistry is feasible among other things.

Entanglement was first conceived in theory and then observed with carefully constructed experiments by A. Aspect and Gisen later on.

The basic idea was to split a pion into two polarized photons moving in opposite directions. The momentum of one was measured while the position of the other was taken. It was found that whatever happened to one photon was instantaneously reflected on the other, no matter how far apart they were.

This simultaneous measure of momentum and position is a violation of the uncertainty principle and Einsteinís concept of relativistic limits. It demonstrates that there is instantaneous connection between seemingly separate entities, no matter how far apart....

The cosmos was born out of an initial fireball that set the initial differentials so necessary for the evolution of all following complex processes. In addition, the ongoing feedback between the virtual and manifest conditions of the cosmos keeps the whole process in a constant flux of change. This change incorporates ever increasing orders of complexity until we arrive at you and me, who are intimately connected in the entangled sense, but have a strong sense of individuality and separateness in our day to day lives.


Where astrology enters the picture is insofar as the entanglement of states of all physical and energetic entities in the cosmos upon all others. In other words, there is a distinct connection between all the planets, their energies and positions upon each and every one of us in a unique way. Each unique combination also contributes to each of our unique characteristics.

When the planetary relationships change, so do individuals born in that cosmic environment, differ from others who were born in a different cosmic environment. Hence individuality arises through the change in planetary relationships.


The mystery of individualization in the cosmos that is also entangled at the fundamental level, does not however, address the question of individual consciousness.

From the point of quantum individualization in the non-entangled state, we must then take another step to describe how individual consciousness arises out of the primordial complex quantum matrix. What can be said at this point is that consciousness, like anything else in the cosmos, arises from the quantum.

This must by implication, suggest that the fundamental units that build and change the cosmos on a continual basis, are conscious. That consciousness can only exist where observation can occur with something else. Here we have a type of quantum relativity insofar as that one thing can only be described in terms of something else.

To have consciousness, a sense of separateness in the non-entangled state must exist as a precondition.

Therefore, in the entangled state, there also exists a kind of collective conscious (some would say collective unconscious), which acts as a kind of reference for the rest. This then describes why things can get downright weird. This is especially true under extreme conditions.
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