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I'm a bit scared to post really!!! But here goes.

Atheism is not a religion. It is not a faith. It is not a belief. It's a recognition of fact.

Many people get comfort and strength from religion. I am not one of them but I repect their belief in a supernatural being and do not characterise their belief as undesirable because I do not share it. Neither do I characterise their deeply felt conviction of the reality of the existence of a god as a deluded belief, when in fact it is for many their reason for living- the meaning of life. I just don't share it because I approach this topic differently.

I assume there is no god. Simple. As I said in the other post-no one can prove there is, I can't prove there isn't--but to me it seems infinitely more likely that I am completely right on this one. I simply don't have any reason to think that the supernatural world exists and I cannot understand why anyone has difficulty understanding that.

Why tie yourselves up in knots and get angry about this? God had a good go- he/she/it failed to convince some people of his/her/ its existence. You who believe know I'm wrong, so tell me why you think I'm wrong. Prove it to me if it means so much to you and why does it mean so much to you that I "believe" in something.
Ellis, do you remember this? I wonder what happened to D.A. Morgan--what a curmudgeon? That was way back in 2006, WOW!
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