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All one needs to do is: Begin with the unit of being we call 'I', the ego--from the Latin and Greek for 'I'. Now this is not too difficult to understand, is it?

The word Satan is a derivitive of the I/ego, and it refers to the I in the experience of separation from God. Separation means in this case, individual. When one becomes an entity in and of themselves within a group of entities in and of themselves and with a God that is outside of ones individuality in and of itself.
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For better or for worse, we have egos; they are part of what it means to be human. If I refuse to grow up and allow my ego to be a self-centered, greedy and power-seeking child, it will lead me to pain, suffering and even death.

Even if you grow up and are not self centered or greedy or power seeking, you will experience pain, suffering and death.
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If, with a positive mental attitude of faith, hope and love, I surrender the ego to the UNIverse--physically, mentally and spiritually, my ego will become the real me. Thus we will be led me in the paths of righteousness--the way to justice, peace and eternal bliss.

As egos, you and I are the center of our universe, as we perceive it, with our senses. In my opinion, this is also true for everyone reading these words. I am convinced this is true for me. What do you think?

I think you have unconsciously arrived at an idea that surrendering to a universe that you perceive as god, is without the awareness of the individuality having determined what God is and without the direct experience of God.
I would say that if you determine yourself to be the center of the universe and that universe being you or a reflection of you, all that you can surrender yourself to, is yourself. This pretty much is the definition of the ego as Satan. Even with the best intentions one cannot be free of self prescribed ideals and opinions that are going to be in conflict with the separate worlds of other individuals and their private universes. Someone else will have their own ideas of the ideal universe and their idea of what is good and best for all will be different than yours.
If you look at the way religion divides itself into churches of name and intention (All seen as good by those who name their church) we see the examples of God, and good as it becomes democratic in nature. The Christians became Catholics, Lutherans, Baptists, Southern Baptists etc. etc. The Independent Christian Churches/Churches of Christ and Christian Church (Disciples of Christ) parted ways due primarily to disagreements concerning liberal trends and the development of a denominational structure within the Christian Church. The split occurrs as local congregations refuse to take part in rapidly developing extra-congregational organizations that eventually evolve into a General Assembly. They are only from individual opinion and belief able to surrender to an individual perception of reality and individual perception of God thru the belief or identification with the ego as an individual. Without the experience of a God that is everything and bigger than the individual universe, one cannot surrender to anything other than individuality. The individual and the individual universe is a construct. God/consciousness is without a face, and no matter what face you put on God, it will never contain God. Being Human is defined by the ego, yet being human is not ever confined by the ego in Union with God.
"I and my Father are One," a statement when interpreted by the ego, means God as the personal universe, the universe/God are part and parcel to each other.
Consciousness is ONE, and it exists as the foundation of all reflections of individuality. One can experience it if one steps outside of individuality, and in Union with it find themselves in everything and everyone as every-one. Surrendering to That means one surrenders to consciousness that supports all individuality in all of its manifestations of duality. Good and its opposite Bad, come from the same source. It does not come forth from the un-manifest without cause.
"Ye are gods," the individual pulls forth from their perceptions of reality, that which is within the individual conscious awareness, from the un-manifest into the manifest.
The individual dualistic universe contains all that is believed to be real. One creates good and bad and the belief that one should be chosen for over the other, AFTER one has chosen to bring both into their body experience, and their extended body which is the outer universe.
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From this centre of consciousness, each of us can perceive, using our senses, that it is possible that there is an eternal and infinite universe-- out there.
From this center of consciousness that is the ego, one can dream any dream that is the dream where individuality is the center of the universe.

From the immersion of awareness into consciousness itself, Individual consciousness is witnessed as a projection of habitual identification with personality. It is witnessed as the feminine and masculine halves of the human brain and nervous system stepping outward into the physical senses, being self absorbed into the nature of good and evil, in the knowledge of personality and separation.

Goodness and Godness from the individual universe is always relative to personal opinion.

If it's all God, its all good but then to the ego, Good is relative and has its opposite, bad. Judgment derived from personal expectations and perceptions then takes God and cuts it up as it sees fit, to keep what personality likes and then ignores or condemns the rest in personal judgment.
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