Sam, note that I have re-edited my most recent theological comment about the 'god-hypothesis'. Also, I do not make the claim that I am the only non-theist THEIST:
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So here is my re-edit. I like to think of G~O~D, not as a 'god' in any way shape or form--that is, an idol with dimensions--or even a supernatural being, with dimensions--the kind which monotheists call 'God'. It is also the kind of 'God' totally ignored and/or totally rejected by most secularists, especially by militant atheists (like Richard Dawkins and the late Christopher Hitchins, etc. ..._

BTW, I think of myself as being an a-theist--that is, one who respects the beliefs and opinions of sincere theists. However, at the same time I am calling for a new kind of THEISM, which I call UNITHEISM--see group on FaceBook.
So, would you still be able to say, " too; and I bet we all like to think of G~O~D.... ;)"
Sam, I am happy to say this: It is always a great pleasure to have a dialogue with posters like you. You have important things to say, important questions to ask, and you know how to be part of a friendly dialogue.

Now, about your questions. You ask me,
1. At the generational level, what do you think about the way things are going for The Creation...?
Now I ask you, what do you mean by
the generational level?
You also ask,
2....Do you think today's "business as usual" course will sustain this Creation, to which we awoke some millennia ago?
Define, "business as usual". Have I confused you further? I hope not! laugh

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