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Sorry, but I think it is you who do the generalizing about atheists. ...

My dear Eccles, please give me one clear example when I ever said, and wrote judgmentally: All atheists are, or do.................. (whatever).

If you can, I will gladly try to rephrase it to be as close as possible to generally-accepted loving truth. I will also apologize for sloppy communication. I abhor generalizations.

As a pneumatologist I seek to experience people as individual persons, as they are, and as they are now. I also accept that individuals have the right to be who they are, in the now. Cathexis-filled circumstances do alter cases.

By the way, the great modern psychologist, Calvin S. Hall tells us that Sigmund Freud, one of the founders of modern psychiatry, did not want to be a typical medical doctor--focusing strictly of diseases of the body.

In 1927, Freud admitted this, personally. He admitted that his original purpose was to understand "the riddles of nature, including human nature, and to contribute something to their solution." His study of medicine--particularly physiology and neurology--were but steps on the way to his real love, psychology. He was also a philosopher--a lover of knowledge(Hall)

In my opinion, confirmed by my reading of him, Freud, was on the verge of resurrecting pneumatology--a branch of philosophy. His protege, Carl Jung, a devout (uni?)theist--the one he hoped would succeed him--broke with Freud, because of Freud's atheism.

Later, Jung called for a psychology of the spirit (the pneuma) and completed the circle with his analytical psychology, filled with what I call pneumatological concepts.