Nov Ist is All Saint's Day, a day to pray to all the saints who don't have a special day! And since there are only 365(6)x 2 days (ie ladies and gentlemen saints) available there are lots of forgotten ones. All Hallow's E'en, is the original name for the evening (e'en) before All Hallows (Saints) Day. "Hallows" means "holy".

Traditionally Hallowe'en was spelled with the apostrophe and had its own traditions and games. There was a risque flirting with the Bad Side, and the souls of the dead were supposed to leave their graves at Midnight and wander (scary eh?) This was a hangover from Celtic myth but similar celebrations happen in most christian countries.

In the US the whole emphasis is different and is becoming more like the Feast of the Dead as celebrated in Mexico and Central America.

Sorry Rev... I was a teacher not a lawyer and spent my life asking leading questions! I merely was going to ask whom you thank for your life in which contentment and service seem to play a large part in your happiness.

I too am happy, and I thank my community, family and friends for their human companionship, love and sympathy. I am in furious agreement that good-will, knowledge and power are the keys to happiness and possibilities. I also happen to think they are innate qualities that reside in all of us, and are not god-given.

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