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"-the power from within, which enables us help wolves stop wanting to eat us and become beautiful companions?"

Where does this fact come from, Rev? Please explain

What "fact" do you have in mind? Wolves as pets?

10,000 years ago they were the progenitors of all dogs, today.
BTW, you have no doubt heard of Labrador huskies, right? In 1953--1954 my wife and I spent a year in Labrador. What an adventurous year! We got to know huskies.

One frosty day, I had a violent run-in with huskies. It also included the opportunity to save the life of a young Labradorean, about 20. I was 23 at the time.

Not far from behind the house where we lived there was a wide, lake-like river. Of course, it the bleak mid-winter, it was frozen and covered with ten feet or more of snow. The following action took place within a few short minutes:

Dashing through the blowing-snow, a young man and his dog-team plunged over the snow-covered river bank near our house and into the deep snow on the river.

Later, I found out that it was because he had lost control of his ravenously hungry dogs. His out-of-control dogs piled on him in the deep snow. To the dogs, the body of their master look like nothing more than a side of beef tossed them as their free-lunch ready to be devoured.

Later, he agreed that losing control of a dog team--especially a team of hungry dogs--could be a fatal mistake. He also agreed that it would be the master's fault, not that of the dogs. They simply followed their nature-given animal instincts.

My part in the drama?

From my back steps I saw him and his dogs disappear over the river bank, into the deep snow. Then I heard the dogs growling at each other as they competed for the "food". Almost without thinking of the consequences, I grabbed a piece of 2-X-4 timber which I kept near my porch. I kept it as weapon in case stray dogs came after my beloved cat.

Swinging it like a battle-sword, I was soon able to get the dogs under "my control"--the key word in handling such wolf-like animals. This gave the owner time enough to get back on his feet and to find his whip, which he had lost (his fault) in the snow near my house.

Then, passing the whip to me--Boy! Did I ever feel powerful for a few minutes!--he calmly proceeded to feed his beloved dogs. He fed them chunks of frozen fish and caribou meat he had on his komatik (Inuit name for sled). Soon, with food enough to fill all their bellies, the members of his team became calm and lay down in the snow.

Satisfied, the team settled down for a good rest. Meanwhile, we invited our unexpected guest to eat with us and stay the night, if he so chose.

While he ate with us he told us about his small community of twelve families a long distance north of Rigolet--160 kilometers east of Happy Valley. As I recall, he said that his community was three-weeks away, by dog-team, north of Rigolet http://www.ourlabrador.ca/member.php?id=9

Just before our visitor left to make his way back to Rigolet, I asked him: What he thought of Happy Valley with its 115 families and all. I asked him: "What do you think of the place?

I still remember his interesting response: "Int'resting place, bye." he said, "Very int'resting. But if ye h'ask me: Tis too busy! Yes, and 'tis too crowded too, for me. And, bye d'way, tanks for yankin' dose dogs off me."
Most of us human beings are not all that different from all social animals. We all crave to be well-fed. But being human beings we crave something more than just food the belly. We crave food for the mind and spirit.

Without beautiful dog-like skins to shelter us from the cold, we also crave good comfortable clothes and shelter, and not just the ugly kind. You see, we need things that are lovely, beautiful, artistic and true, without being extravagant; things that feed our minds and help keep us intellectually, artistically and spiritually free. It's true: We do not live by bread, alone.

When will the mean-spirited, criminally-minded and extravagantly materialistic tyrants of the world--like the kind we currently find in Egypt, Libya, Tunisia and any number of places in this vale of tears--get the simple message that freedom-loving GOD-filled human spirits will not be crushed? Eventually, tyranny will have to go.
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