Beliefs and opinions sure can get in the way, but the problem is not necessarily that they are always changing; on the contary, they are all too often stubbornly resistant to change. On the other hand, the capacity and tendency of our understanding to undergo change is proportional to our ability to assimilate new data and acknowledge its relevance.

Beliefs and opinions are both stubborn to resist change and a constant in the changing evolution of social mores in the many generations of humanity and geographic cultures. They do not represent as themselves in surface appearances, to be the constant within all change and belief, or the understanding of change and resistance to change.
Tho man within its perceptions of humanity has the capacity to understand himself, he is distracted by clinging to values which change and slowly undermine the awareness of who he is, as he tries to find himself in the changing values of new thoughts and ideas, replacing one for the other under the stresses of the influence in the many beliefs and opinions..

It's like the Ocean seeking to understand itself by observing the waves on the surface created by changing surface conditions.
Comprehension of its deep nature and vast presence is lost in the distraction of the outer senses.
Such is the fate of the deeper meanings of scripture given by those who would read scripture without understanding. The very nature of the words are lost to the minds beliefs and opinions as they are superimposed onto the deeper presence of its nature.

The authors of the bible heard from the Teacher what they would grasp as it was filtered through their own nervous systems. If their nervous systems were clear and unobstructed by belief and opinion the words of the teacher resonated at the same level of thought and meaning. If not belief and opinion superimposes itself upon the words.
This is self evident in the way humanity hears one thing when something else is said. It is represented in the many different churches and philosophies derived from the one Teacher Jesus.

If you study scripture you find that all of the Teachers of the past speak of the same underlying presence within the universe and within all humanity, but belief and opinion has taken these Teachers words to build the many churches and religions separating man by belief and opinion of personal values. Each new idea taken from the original intent takes it either closer or further from its source, but who would know which direction is the right direction?
There is a saying: follow any path long enough and you will eventually get to where you are going. This also infers that if you leave one spot and travel in any direction long enough eventually you will end up where you started, no matter where you are in the universe.
Belief and opinion will eventually get you to where you want to go, but as it changes you will continue to keep travelling with the idea that where you are going is where you will find fulfillment. Take this into infinite change and the course of humanity to find its fulfillment in such a manner will be comensurate with its idyllic presupposed ideals.
There is a much simpler logic than such a course which is the essence of the message given in all scripture.
It is belief and opinion and the changing discoveries generated by those beliefs and opinions which rearranges belief and opinion as the paved road to endless discoveries and new beliefs in opinion.