Ellis comments: "PS- Atheists/Humanists CAN do number 8 (as well as most of the others too!!!)" Of course they can, if they choose to be moral, ethical, just, humane and loving.
BTW, in my opinion, I do not insist that one must adhere to a formal religion, or creeds. We can each go our own way, as long as this does not mean that it is okay to be immoral, unethical and un-loving. The process, as Jesus taught, has to do with being human, and doing humane things, not with spouting set creeds. Loners, atheists and agnostic welcome. I am a unitheist because I admit that I need a little help, the fellowship of others and some invisible means of support.
For me believing in GOD involves accepting that there is what I call the "invisible/spiritual/god-like" means of support. Surely those who reject this miss out on a great deal of help. I can't for the life of me figure out, why people would be so hard on themselves. I need all the help I can get. And I willingly accept it.

Ellis. it is obvious that you put a different spin on the meaning the word "break" than I do. I think of it as "going against". I avoid going against the laws of science because I respect that they ARE constant, even if we go against them in our ignorance.

When you ask: "What law of science has a baby born with an aggressive cancer broken?" This is a rhetorical question.

It implies that you know the answer I should give. It is something like asking me: Who do YOU think you ARE? Or, when did you stop beating your wife? As you know, such questions are not even allowed in a court of law.
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