Rev wrote
BTW, do I ever come across as being a demagogue? I hope not. I also hope I never give the impression that I require and I expect that my fellow posters to agree with me. This is why, rather than debating, I prefer having a dialogue.

No, not a demagogue Rev, more like the user of a technique I was taught in a course which included behavioural management of awkward students. It's called "Broken Record" and is just what it says. You have to keep repeating the same thing over and over in a calm unthreatening manner until you wear the miscreant down (or possibly send them a bit crazy). It actually is brilliant, works very well on teenagers and toddlers, and also on me too apparently, as I have not posted here for ages! -- I'm still a happy atheist, and no I don't deny infinity and eternity, though I do deny divinity.