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"but that is what you have inferred."
That is not what I inferred and that is not what I implied. Nor could it reasonably be inferred from what I posted.

If you can make sweeping generalities toward self inquiry as a cult, it can easily be determined that was your implication.
You are suggesting the label "science" in its textbook definition, is separate from what you insist is the real "scientific definition" used by what you call a "scientist".
Perhaps you could clarify and isolate that definition, so we can finally separate it thru the democratic process of majority and eliminate it from all generic definition, so we might also separate all branches of research and discovery from actual science.

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It's true that I did read what scientists wrote about Blavatsky before reading Blavatsky. I then read some small bit of Blavatsky's "work" - a sufficient amount to convince me that she was full of crap. Her pseudo-intellectual bloviations are worthless.

Doesn't sound like a very scientific approach. Are you familiar with Eastern philosophy, the teachings of Vedic literature, Western spiritual study as it relates to Eastern literature and the practice of meditation? The effects of meditation on the neurological system such as has been done by Abraham Maslow and most recently Richard Davidson, a neuroscientist at Wisconson University and how meditation is relevant to the teachings of Jesus, Buddha, Patanjali and other such Theosophists?
I think you'll find bits of information within Blavatsky's writings that have familiarity with other documents and writings of a spiritual nature.
Of course a lot of scripture has been mistranslated and filtered thru varying degrees of intellectual beliefs but the essence of the Truth is there. Those that have an understanding can see thru the illusions created in the differing levels of consciousness that are on the path of self correcting scientific discovery.

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"Have you ever thought about therapy? "
Have you ever thought about actually studying science?

We haven't really determined yet what science is according to your definitions. We have only heard your adamant declaration that science is specific and not part of anything I have discussed. We will need to know what science is by your determination and how it isolates itself from all studies of a physical and psychological nature that is relative to man and his evolution both spiritually and physically.
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