exnihilo, thanks. May I ask: what is your theology? And when I ask you this I am not asking you to agree with me.

Have you read that I call myself a unitheist? And that I use the acronyms G zero D and/or GOD--all that is good, orderly and desirable--when I write the divine name.

When you get time, you might want to check out www.about.com--the section on agnosticism. There I am surrounded by many atheists and agnostics who are strictly into physicalism. Most of them like to knock religion rather than use science--like Daniel Dennett in his latest book--try to understand the nature and function of healthy religion (spirituality). Yes, I agree that religion can be of the sick kind--the kind that divides people.

G~O~D--Now & ForeverIS:Nature, Nurture & PNEUMA-ture, Thanks to Warren Farr&ME AT www.unitheist.org